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A Budget for a Time of Rising Opportunity

Last week, I presented my proposed fiscal year (FY) 2023 budget, which focuses on key investments to support residents and communities in Prince George’s County. Our FY 2023 proposed budget reflects caution and fiscal discipline as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, while making historic investments that will benefit all Prince Georgians.

Even amid rising opportunity, we know our residents still face hardship. We are all concerned by the war in Ukraine, rising gas prices, and rising inflation. While things are volatile now, everything we’ve seen in government points to a broad and rapid economic recovery for our County and for our region. In the present, we understand that families are affected by rising food costs and rising fuel costs, and that the pandemic hit our County harder than any other jurisdiction in our region.

In the past, an event like this would have set our County back decades, but Prince George’s County is incredibly resilient. The economic outlook for our County is bright, new companies and jobs will continue to come here, and wages will continue to rise. Through our FY 2023 budget, we have chosen to meet this moment with discipline and caution to capture this time of rising opportunity for Prince Georgians.

In this budget, our goal is to unlock opportunities for all our communities, some that have missed out on opportunity for too long. However, we are making these historic investments with discipline. We will meet the needs of residents today and over the long term with a plan for the future, no matter the challenges we may face.

If you wish to read more about the budget, the FY 2023 Proposed Budget in Brief is available online here. With this budget, I am truly excited about the future of Prince George’s County. Together, we can continue working to achieve an even brighter future and ensure this time of rising opportunity lifts up all of Prince George’s County for generations to come.

Click below to view the press conference.


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