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Expanding Our Curbside Composting Program to Combat Climate Change

Last week, we hosted a press conference to announce the official expansion of our curbside composting program, PGC Composts, to an additional 65,000 residents who will be able to compost “Every meal. Every scrap. Every Monday.” This extra weekly waste collection service allows residents to sustainably dispose of food scraps and food-related items in addition to their yard trim on Mondays. Now, after residents throw a big cookout with crabs over the weekend, they will be able to get rid of those crab shells immediately on Mondays.

Starting this week, eligible residents in north, central, and south County will begin receiving a wheeled green cart and kitchen pail to collect their food scraps and yard trim for Monday pickup. Residents will also receive educational materials to support the successful preparation of materials, which will include a How-To Guide, a refrigerator magnet listing acceptable food and paper items, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and a list of acceptable compostable bags/liners if you choose to line your wheeled cart. Learn more about the program, why it’s important that residents participate in composting, and how it will help us combat climate change HERE.

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