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I am proud to endorse my friend, Wes Moore, for Governor

Today, I was proud to endorse Wes Moore’s campaign to become the next Governor of Maryland.

I have seen Wes Moore connect with people and bring them together to chart a vision for the future. It is clear that he has the vision, integrity, and the ability to move our state forward and deliver for families in Prince George’s County and across Maryland. I believe that Wes Moore is the leader that we need in this moment, and I fully support his effort to be our next Governor.

From the first time we met, it was clear that Wes Moore was sharp, empathetic, and had a true heart for the people. In my eyes, those are the makings of a true transformational leader.

As County Executive, it is important to me to have someone in the Governor’s mansion who will be a real partner in helping to improve the lives of Prince Georgians. We need a Governor who will:

  • restore our communities and our economy after COVID-19 has devastated so many of us for the past two years.

  • prioritize funding for education to ensure that all of our children, regardless of their zip code, have an access to a quality education.

  • make our neighborhoods safer by focusing on reducing violent crime and getting illegal guns off of our streets.

  • fight for environmental justice and innovative use of clean energy practices.

When I look at the range of Wes’s experience leading soldiers in combat, building and running a small business in Maryland, and being CEO of one of the largest anti-poverty organizations in America – I know he is the leader Maryland needs in our next governor.

Whether it is veteran, Rhodes Scholar, author, CEO, humanitarian, or his favorite titles—husband and father, Wes has dedicated his life to service and uplifting others.

I am proud to endorse my friend, Wes Moore, and look forward to the future of our great state.

Angela Alsobrooks Prince George’s County Executive


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