Alsobrooks for Senate


Angela is committed to ensuring our farmers and fishers, from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, have the resources they need to cultivate and grow their business. That includes access to federal programs and support as well as investing in rural broadband to ensure every Marylander has access to high speed internet. Our agriculture industry plays an important role on the front lines of protecting the environmental health of our state, and Angela would work alongside farmers and fishers to ensure that we are working collectively to improve soil health and meet our commitments to the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  

Angela will strongly support nutrition assistance programs that ensure those in need have access to high quality, fresh food grown by our Maryland farmers. She also supports federal investments in agricultural research into institutions like the University of Maryland and the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center to ensure the next generation of farmers have the tools they need to produce in an ever changing economy and environment. 

Oftentimes, minority farmers have lacked an equitable amount of access to capital and resources. Angela would seek to ensure that we eliminate discriminatory policies that have had a harmful effect on these communities.

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