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Angela firmly believes that the investments made into the education system reflect the value society places on its children and how these children feel valued by their community. However, she recognizes that there has been a failure to make adequate investments across the board in education. Many students attend schools in deteriorating buildings and are taught by underpaid and underappreciated teachers. As a response to this issue, Angela took a groundbreaking approach in Prince George's County by implementing a first-in-the-nation strategy for building new schools.

Angela spearheaded the construction of 10 new schools in Prince George's County, accomplishing this feat with the help of a public-private partnership (P3) model that can deliver schools 10 years faster and at a cost of 15-20% less without the need to raise new taxes. She firmly believes that providing schools that are properly built, equipped with heating and cooling systems, advanced technology, and free from safety concerns is crucial in ensuring students can learn effectively and graduate from high school well-prepared for college or the workforce. 

Angela also understands the importance of career and technical education (CTE), Our students all have different gifts and not every student desires to go to college, and instead complete vocational training. As a result, she allocated $15 million to construct a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Hub at Crossland High School in Temple Hills, to prepare students to work in various employment industries including automotive, barbering and cosmetology, and electrical. Students enrolled in the CTE program have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications and college credits, in addition to gaining real-world work experience. She has also invested and fought for additional federal funding for Prince George’s County's Summer Youth Enrichment Program to give youth constructive summer work experiences.

Angela also emphasizes the importance of investing in the teaching profession. She strongly advocates for raising teacher pay and providing proper training for educators. As County Executive, she funded the largest salary increase in a generation for all Prince George County school system employees. Angela firmly believes that teachers deserve a living wage and should not be burdened with having to cover basic job-related expenses out of their own pockets.

Angela sees one of the fundamental mistakes made in the country is relying on local jurisdictions funded primarily by property taxes as the primary source of school funding. She strongly opposes this approach as it results in unequal educational opportunities, with the quality of a child's education being determined by their zip code. Angela firmly believes that we should expand Title I funding and that the burden of education should be lifted off of local budgets to ensure fair and equitable opportunities for all students.

Education does not end with high school and Angela strongly supports efforts to lower the cost of college education to ensure all students have the opportunity to pursue a higher education. She supports expanding Pell Grants, offering free community college to low income students and improving access to low interest student loans for all students. Angela also supports President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan and would advocate for Congress taking action in light of the Court’s ruling against Biden’s executive action.

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