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Gun Safety

Angela has personally witnessed the devastating effects of gun violence and the immense pain and destruction it inflicts on the community, both in her roles as a prosecutor and County Executive. Angela firmly believes that the current gun laws are inadequate in preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands, whether it's criminals, individuals with mental instability, domestic abusers, or even children.

As a mother, Angela has been deeply affected by the tragic loss of too many children to gun violence and is frustrated by the lack of action from Washington. She is committed to fighting for essential gun safety legislation to protect children and communities from school shootings, mass shootings, and other gun violence. Angela's proposed measures include implementing universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, banning military-style weapons like AR-15s, and prohibiting devices like bump stocks. Additionally, she supports the implementation of red flag laws to prevent dangerous individuals from acquiring firearms.

Angela strongly believes that legal protections enjoyed by gun companies, which shield them from being held accountable for their products and dangerous marketing practices, should be eliminated. She believes that everyone, especially those profiting from gun sales, should have a stake in addressing and curbing gun violence in the country.

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