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Health Care

Angela believes health care is a fundamental right and all Americans should have access to quality and affordable health care. That’s why as County Executive, she has worked to expand health care access, including a state-of-the-art mental health care and addiction care facility in Lanham, and a crisis stabilization center in southern Prince George’s County. She secured funding to build the county’s first dedicated cancer center, and ensured all Prince Georgians had access to vaccines during the COVID-19 crisis. She also funded the Health Assures program which covered over 55,000 patient visits for uninsured residents during a two-year period.

In the Senate, Angela will build upon the Affordable Care Act to ensure universal health coverage and bring down the cost of health care to ensure all Americans don’t have to make critical health care decisions based on their financial situation. She believes it’s time for Congress to act to expand Medicaid for millions of Americans that should be covered by the ACA Medicaid expansion but live in the 10 states whose Republican legislators refuse to expand coverage in their states. 

Angela also believes it’s time to pass a Medicare buy-in option and apply ACA subsidies to the plan to ensure all Americans have access regardless of their income. Medicare buy-in balances the critical need to cover all Americans while driving down costs of private insurance and ensuring those who enjoy their current insurance plans can continue to do so.

Covering all Americans is not enough, too many people in this country remain underinsured. Angela supports placing caps on total out-of-pocket expenses to ensure no one faces bills, even if insured, that they cannot afford and expanding the ability for the Federal government to negotiate prescription drug prices to ensure all Americans can afford the prescriptions they need.

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