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Angela knows that the United States is a nation of immigrants, and she is deeply concerned about the bitter and polarized discourse surrounding immigration system reform, which often dehumanizes hardworking immigrants seeking a better life for their families. Throughout her career as State's Attorney and County Executive, Angela has consistently fought for fair treatment of immigrants and their ability to live and work with dignity, irrespective of their legal status.

During her tenure as Prince George's County State's Attorney in 2013, Angela was a vocal advocate and pushed to pass legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, promoting safer roads and enabling immigrants to legally commute to work. She was an early and vocal supporter of the Maryland Dream Act, actively encouraging the legislature to pass this important legislation.

As County Executive, Angela instituted a formal policy on how Prince George's County interacts with federal immigration officials. Under her direction, the county's Department of Corrections was instructed to notify ICE only in cases where an undocumented immigrant was arrested and charged with gang-related or violent criminal offenses, believing that deportation should not result from minor offenses like speeding tickets.

Furthermore, Angela declined to enter into a 287(g) agreement with ICE during her time as County Executive. While she strongly supports local law enforcement collaborating with federal agencies to address and remove all gang members and violent criminals from the community, she firmly believes that local law enforcement should not be involved in routine enforcement of a person's immigration status.

Angela created the Office of Multicultural Affairs to better serve immigrant populations. She also implemented and funded the Language Access Program for Public Services, which ensures all residents can access government services in the language of their preference.

If elected to the Senate, Angela will be a strong advocate for comprehensive immigration reform to mend the broken immigration system. This reform will include creating a pathway to citizenship for those already living and working in the United States. Additionally, Angela will fervently support initiatives such as The American Dream and Promise Act, aimed at safeguarding the rights and future of DREAMers and TPS recipients. She firmly believes that these individuals deserve certainty and security, regardless of who holds the office of the President.

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