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Like many Marylanders, Angela is a part of the sandwich generation, caring for and supporting both her teenage daughter and her aging parents. She knows the challenges of witnessing her parents, who taught her everything she knows, grow older, and believes that they deserve to age and retire with dignity.

As a U.S. Senator, Angela will advocate for the protection and preservation of Social Security and Medicare. She views these programs as a promise made to seniors and firmly opposes any efforts to defund or privatize them. Angela strongly stands against raising the retirement age or cutting benefits for either program.

She is a staunch supporter of the Biden Administration's efforts in the Inflation Reduction Act, which enables Medicare to negotiate certain prescription drug prices and cap the cost of insulin. Angela believes that extending the ability of Medicare to negotiate drug prices should apply to all drugs, and she supports capping any drug price increases for seniors at the rate of inflation each year. Additionally, she advocates for eliminating the payroll cap on Social Security taxes to ensure the long-term solvency of the program.

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