Alsobrooks for Senate

Standing up for Workers

Angela is an advocate for raising the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 an hour and believes it should be done federally. As a Senator, she will support increasing the minimum wage and indexing any increase to inflation to ensure that families can keep up with the cost of living.

She is committed to protecting workers' rights. Building an economy that works for all Marylanders requires a commitment to the people who make that economy work. Angela will be a strong supporter of passing the PRO Act in the Senate to strengthen workers' rights to collective bargaining and make it harder for corporations to prevent workers from organizing.

Angela also supports enacting universal paid family and medical leave policies to ensure all Americans can have the paid time off to care for their family and their health when needed. Maryland made great strides with the Time to Care Act of 2022 to ensuring all Marylanders have the time off they earned and Angela is committed to expanding those policies nationwide.

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