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The Economy

One of Angela's earliest memories is her father taking her and her sister to work with him as a newspaper distributor for the Washington Post. They would wake early in the morning and ride with him on the truck as he delivered the newspaper. He told them once, “I jump on and off this dirty truck every morning so you don’t have to.” He taught Angela that a job is more than just a paycheck and that there is dignity in all work.

As County Executive, Angela fought hard to invest in Prince George’s County's economic growth, bringing amenities to communities that had been left behind for years. She has attracted more than a billion dollars to the Blue Line Corridor, worked to redevelop New Carrollton, and secured the first ever RAISE grant funding in Prince George’s County history to build new trails. She has also led in making the case to the federal government to build the new FBI headquarters in Maryland and for the Commanders to build a new stadium in Prince George’s County. Angela has seen the economic benefit of these kinds of investments first-hand as each project brings new jobs, new businesses, and pride in communities.

With record inflation, everyone's paycheck is not going as far as it did just a few years ago. That’s why she fought to create and preserve affordable housing, including 5000 new affordable housing units since 2020, in Prince George’s County and would be a vocal advocate to pass a permanent Child Tax Credit, which lifted millions of children out of poverty and helped families address rising costs.

She strongly supports the investments made through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to build new roads, bridges, fix access to drinking water, expand access to high-speed internet, and strengthen supply chains. Angela will be a strong advocate for continuing these critical investments into our future economy to ensure businesses have the infrastructure and tools they need to compete with companies around the globe.

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