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Voting Rights and Protecting Democracy

Angela has observed with deep concern an all-out assault by MAGA Republican politicians on democracy, primarily led by the Republican party under the leadership of Donald Trump. She points to efforts that have been made to make it harder for people to vote, undermine elections, and even encourage an armed insurrection. In her view, the Republican party has taken an anti-democratic stance.

Angela is committed to fighting for the passage of critical legislation, such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which empowers the Department of Justice to enforce voting rights and prevents any right-wing legislature in the country from undermining those fundamental rights. Additionally, Angela will sponsor the Freedom to Vote Act, which expands voting rights, reforms campaign finance laws, bans gerrymandering, and strengthens ethics laws for all federal office holders.

Angela firmly believes that the filibuster in the Senate should be eliminated. She sees that the current Senate is not adequately serving the needs of the American people. Too often, a partisan minority has misused the arcane filibuster rule, which was initially abused in the efforts to block civil rights legislation, and to obstruct the passage of essential and popular bills. She is determined to reform Senate rules to ensure they work in the best interest of the American people.

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